Free videos

Teaching on sustainability issues is very important, yet very challenging. To improve sustainability education, teachers need all the support they can get.

To help teachers attack some of the most pressing environmental issues, we have created short animated videos that can be used in classroom practice. The videos in Finnish can be found here (more coming soon). 

Here is an example:

These videos offer insight to seven wicked problems at a level of an upper-secondary school student. The topics of the videos are:

  • Climate change isa wicked problem (published)
  • energy politics (published)
  • chemicalization (published)
  • microplastics (coming soon)
  • death of corals and ocean acidification (coming soon)
  • decrease of soil humus (coming soon)
  • aerosols (coming soon)

The videos offer novel student-centered inquiry-based studying ideas at the end of each video – for investigating and possibly solving the wicked issues.

All videos will be produced in both Finnish and English. The English versions will also soon be available.

The videos are funded by Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation.