Rooted Education is run by Marianne Juntunen and Sakari Tolppanen, both of who have a PhD in science education and a sound experience in science education and sustainability issues.

The materials are created in collaboration with a wide range of experts from different disciplines.


Marianne Juntunen

Marianne has a PhD in Chemistry education, with a thesis titled ”Holistic and Inquiry-based education for sustainable development in chemistry”. In addition to research, she has several years of experience in teaching all levels of school science in Finland. She has created abundant material for schools, as well as been involved in teacher training. In 2016 she was awarded for her exceptional work for advancing science education in Finland. To learn more about her projects, visit:

Ph. D. in Chemistry (Chemistry education), Master of Technology (Technical microbiology), Science lector of Pelkosenniemi school. tel. +358 40 700 8381 / silmuscience(at)


Sakari Tolppanen

Sakari has PhD in Chemistry education, with a thesis titled ”Creating a better world: Questions, actions and Expectations of International Students on Sustainable Development and Its Education”. The thesis was defended with honors. Sakari has published multiple research articles on sustainability education in high profile scientific journals. In addition, he has been apart of creating courses such as ”Sustainable Energy” and ”” for the several universities. He has taught science in two Finnish high-schools and is involved in in-service teacher training.

Ph. D. in Chemistry (Chemistry education), Project researher at UEF. tel. +358 40 416 8386 / sakari.tolppanen(at)