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Lesson plans on sustainability issues

We want to make sustainability education easy and fun. For that reasons we have created easy-to-use lesson plans, rich with teaching material suitable for either a single lesson or for larger multidisciplinary project.

Aimed for middle-school and high-school students (grades 7-12), the lesson plans go hand-in-hand with the Rooted videos. Created to make use of the best pedagogical practices available in Finland and elsewhere, the lesson plans will help engage and challenge students, as well as help them grow into systemic thinkers. The lesson plans also contain an abundant amount of further reading to help teachers broaden their understanding on the issue.

Lesson plan: Energy and energy politics

A sustainable lifestyle requires us to examine how we produce and use energy. However, most of the big decisions regarding energy are not only made by individuals, but by governments. Therefore, in addition to understanding energy production and their own energy use, it is very important that students also understand the basics of energy politics: how it influences us and how we can influence politics.

This multidisciplinary lesson plans on energy and energy politics is created to help science, mathematics, social science and art teachers collaborate to teach the issue holistically. In the lesson plan, students are required to examine their own and their communities energy use through several tasks and tie this information to what they are learning in school. Selected material from the lesson plan can either be implemented in a single class (e.g. physics), or can be used to create a larger project extending 5+ lessons. 

Lesson plan: Chemicalization

Our planet, animals and our bodies are being polluted by chemicals. Some scientists say that chemicalization is at least as large of an environmental threat as climate change.

This lesson plan gives you concrete ideas on how to deal with this wicked issue with your students. The lesson focuses on science (chemistry), but works best when done in collaboration with a language teacher.

Lesson plan: Climate change is a wicked problem

Climate change is a wicked problem, but so is climate change education. This package will help teachers deal with this challenging topic from many perspectives.

This teaching material constists of three parts. Part 1 constists of a 2h lesson plan directed mainly towards biology and geography teachers. Part 2 consists of teaching material for the entire schools use. It is aimed to support multidiscplinary education on climate change. Part 3 consists of teaching material on other wicked problems, such as agriculture and energy. This material can be incorporated to Part 1 and 2 or used on its own.